June 24, 2016

Project yard – Adding Curb Appeal ???

Hi Everyone,

today I will finally be able to start project yard.  We finally got a survey and the platt arrived yesterday. I know, I should probably tell you a little bit about our house first.  Watch out for my next post to find out more about our home.  Here is the super quick version though: hubby bought a true fixer upper a year before we met.  We focused the last year and half on the inside.  We fixed up almost 1,500 SqFt of our 3,000 SqFt home.  Now that hubby is deployed, I decided to start a project on my own.  As the title says it will be the front yard, yaaayyy!! ??


Side note, hubby is actually the handy one and he doesn’t really trust me to do any projects without him.  Honestly, he seriously shouldn’t! Have you ever seen those Pinterest fail memes? ? Well, almost every project I tried myself should have been one of those memes, no kidding!! Mental note, write post about how we make Pinterest work for us!


Picking the right design:

So anywayyyy, as I was saying I picked a project I felt comfortable enough doing.  Even hubby felt like he could trust me enough with that or at least he felt I could do the least damage in the front yard. Either way my plan for this year is to redo our front yard and by redo I mean do our front yard. It’s pretty much bare except for a few trees and the grass is almost nonexistent even papà keeps teasing us and keeps saying that we are cutting the weed rather than the grass ?. I obviously have already started a board on Pinterest (duh!) and I found this wonderful blog by Lisa Ogler who gives amazing tips on how to start your design. This is the design I like the most and which I will probably end up using.
Hubby already picked all of the plants he wants to have in the yard.  His criteria was for them to be native or at least be able to handle the Floridian weather.  He also wanted them to be low maintenance.  Since all of that makes sense I agreed to use the plants he picked.  After all he let me pick the kitchen so I need to give him something! So now it will be up to me to design the yard with the plants he picked and sneak in some of the plants I love, I mean he isn’t really here to stop me… ?

What are the first steps?

As part of the first step, I created a map/ draft of our property.  I printed the draft and put it into a page protector.  Now I can start drawing on it with dry erasers.  That way I can just mess with it until I find the layout I am happy with.
Once I have filled the draft with live I will be heading to local nurseries to find all the plants we need.  Of course I will take you guys with me every step of the way. I hope you guys are excited as I am. ??



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