July 17, 2016

How to design a kitchen | Basic Steps

Hello my friend,

designing our kitchen was one of the things I enjoyed a lot even though it got a little bit challenging.  Not because of our layout or anything but rather because Hubby had different opinions on what would look nice.  After what feels like a million lengthly discussions Hubby finally agreed but he couldn’t help himself and had to doubt me during the entire process until the day he finally saw the end product and realized that I did an amazing job.  Yes Hubby, I actually do have that in writing so don’t even try to deny it!

During this post I will explain you the basic steps of designing your kitchen and give you some tips.  We won’t be talking layout though since I feel like even though it is part of your design it is more than just a step and there is so much you want to look into.  I also didn’t want to overwhelm you and make you read fo’ever.

Step 1 – Picking the right wall color:

So we started our kitchen design process by picking a wall color.  Hubby and I didn’t totally agree on that one.  He actually pretty much picked all the colors for the house before we even met which you can read about here.  He had already painted the guest bedroom when we started talking kitchen (the process of finding the right kitchen was rather long but only because we couldn’t really decide what we wanted).  If it was up to him the kitchen would have been a dark blue, this color here to be exact.

After having multiple discussions and lots of negotiations we agreed on using the blue color as an accent piece in the kitchen like a colored island.  If you ask Hubby he will tell you that I tricked him into thinking that we would do the island in blue while I never planned on doing that at all the entire time.  Well don’t listen to what he says ?.  So we ended up going with color “Netsuke” from the Sherwin Williams “Natural Nuance” pallet which I think was a good decision since it lightens up the room while giving it a little bit of warmth.

Step 2 – Deciding on cabinet colors:

The next step was to pick a cabinet style and color.  We decided to go with shaker style which surprise, surprise we both loved and agreed on from the beginning.  I honestly think that was the only thing we agreed on, lol!  We both loved the look and felt that it is a simple and classic style while being timeless at the same time.  Unfortunately picking the cabinet color wasn’t as easy as picking a style.

I always loved white cabinets, I know, everyone with kids will probably tell me now that I won’t love it anymore once we have a toddler.  But oh well, let’s hope our kids will be as much of a clean freak as I am.  One can only hope ?.  Hubby wanted to have dark wood cabinets which I think look nice in a big house with a big kitchen.  Our kitchen unfortunately is rather small in relations to the size of our house and it would just have darkened up the space too much.

So yes we decided to go with white for all the cabinets and a grey for the island.  You may ask what happened to the blue accent piece.  Well, they didn’t really have the exact color at Lowes but we found a nice grey color which matched our color palette almost perfectly.

Kitchen Design - Shaker Stye

Step 3 – Choosing the right counter top:

The next step was to choose a counter top.  Initially we had our hearts set on marble counter tops.  But after doing some in-depth research we found out that it wasn’t as durable and rather expensive.  Hubby didn’t want to give up on the stone counter tops just yet so we looked into granite and quartz as alternatives to the marble.  We loved that quartz is the most durable of all three but after we got some pricing we realized that it wasn’t quite in our budget.  So we went to my first choice, butcher block.  I know that they are not really that common in the US but let me tell you that they are super popular in Germany.  The best part about them is that you can stain them in the color you want and they still look nice even if they get a little banged up.  Hubby wasn’t too much of a fan but that changed once he saw how much we would be saving.  So check on the counter tops.

Step 4 – Deciding on a backsplash:

After we settled on countertops we moved on to backsplash.  Originally we wanted to go with marble subway tile which would incorporate the grey and white colors of the kitchen.  So we went on a mission to find nice marble subway tile.  We weren’t able to find some that wasn’t super expensive so we went with the alternative, plain white.  Hubby as always was skeptical in the beginning which totally changed after he installed it.  Again hubby, I have text messages to prove that you love it.

kitchen design - Backsplash

Step 5 – Finding the right appliances and accessories:

Now let’s move on to appliances and sink, accessories and trims.  Surprisingly it was super easy for us to pick the right appliances but only because Hubby had already bought them.  He went with Samsung black and stainless steel appliances which he got during a major sale.  So we saved up quite some money there.  Because we had the stainless steel appliances, we decided to buy all accessories in stainless steel as well.  He got our sinkfaucet, as well as the sink soap dispenser on amazon {affiliate links}.  We even found pulls that we liked on amazon but they didn’t have the sizes we wanted so Hubby bought them somewhere else online.  (I tried to find out where but Hubby couldn’t remember.)  The sink was rather expensive but we both liked the industrial design.  Hubby actually picked out the sink and I let him have so that I could pick our couch in return.  (Yes we always have to negotiate and haggle about these type of things, we are so ridiculous).

kitchen design - Faucet

And with that we pretty much designed the basics of our kitchen.  As I said in the beginning I didn’t want to talk layout yet so watch out for my next post.  In the meantime let me know how you designed your kitchen?  Was it difficult for you as a couple?  Or were you lucky enough to have a partner that would let you do the designing?

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As always thanks so much for stopping and happy designing.


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  • Reply Rebekah @ My DIY Family July 29, 2016 at 4:18 pm

    Your kitchen looks amazing! I love the shaker style cabinets too! My hubby usually lets me do all of the designing, I think he learned pretty early on that my ideas are better than his ;)! I always tease him and say that I am the project manager so he has to do what I say!

  • Reply Sabrina T July 29, 2016 at 4:22 pm

    Haha, that is so funny Rebekah! My husband is starting to learn now! Thank you for liking our kitchen! I can't wait to see your big reveal!

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