August 3, 2016

The Basic steps to pick a kitchen layout

How to pick the right kitchen layout

Hey you guys,

Today we are going back to kitchen design and in particular how to pick a kitchen layout.  When it came down to designing our kitchen we had a little bit of a hard time.  We couldn’t decide what layout would work best for us.  We knew for a fact that we didn’t want to move any plumbing or electrical.  This narrowed our options down a little bit but we still had a bunch to pick from.

Different types of kitchen layouts:

In general there are so many different kitchen layouts to choose from like one-wall, galley, l-shape, horseshoe, island, peninsula and probably a few more.  To be honest, we did know all the different names for each layout.  We both have heard of the kitchen triangle and obviously Pinterest gave us some more information on that topic but at the end of the day we figured that this might not work for every kitchen and we had to do what worked best for ours.

Our room layout is a little bit strange due to the fact that we have a walkthrough in one corner of our kitchen.  The wall that is to the right wasn’t there in the original layout.  One of the previous owners added tat after a tree feel through the roof.  Hubby always wanted to find a way to take that wall down again and add columns to stabilize the structure.   I told him that this would be too much work and I actually like that wall.  That way the kitchen and the living area are separated which is kind of nice.

The kitchen layout we picked: Horseshoe with Island

In the end we decided to just leave the wall where it is which would give us the option to go with a horseshoe layout that was somewhat separated by the walk through.  The wet wall (sink, dishwasher and fridge) was set for the wall with the window, the hot wall (stove and microwave) would be the other leg of the L and the dry wall (dry food) would be the free standing wall.  We decided to add an island into the mix to maximize the counter top space and to also close the gap between the two opposite walls of the horseshoe.

One tip, even though islands are really popular and they can add more storage space, counter top space and even an additional eating area to the kitchen it isn’t the right fit for every kitchen.  In fact you really want to make sure that your kitchen is big enough to actually allow you to add an island.  In our case we had enough space between the wet and dry wall, 130 inch in total, but again you want to make sure that people can still easily get around in the kitchen.

Why it is important to get help with the kitchen layout and design?

Once we had our layout picked we went to Lowes to get the kitchen designed.  We had a pretty good idea of how we wanted our kitchen to look like.  In fact we already knew where all the appliances would go.  We also had somewhat of an idea what size cabinets we wanted to use.  Nonetheless it was really helpful to have an expert look over it.  He help us with some difficulties we were facing.

For instance did we have to decide whether or not we wanted to go with a lazy Susan.  If we did then our sink base would not be center under the window.  Or we could with a blind corner and have the sink base centered.  We decided to go with the lazy Susan for practical reasons and went with a sink that is unsymmetrical to make it less noticeable.  A tip though if you want to save money a blind corner is the way to go.  You want to make sure though that you don’t store a whole bunch of small pieces in there.   You will have to move them around to get to the stuff in the back.

As you might have figured out by now we try to get the renovation done without spending a fortune.  At the same time we want this house to be as functional and aesthetic as possible.  In order to save some money we decided against adding upper cabinets to the dry wall.  Instead we will use open shelving (the design below shows that).  We definitely saved some money and it also adds a nice design element to the kitchen.  Side note, Hubby wasn’t able to hang the shelves before he left.  So instead I have two blue tape lines on the wall now indicating where the shelves will go.  Looks super pretty.

Here is our kitchen layout | design:

And with that we had picked our kitchen layout and designed our kitchen.  I will make sure to write a kitchen reveal.  Hubby needs to get back and put up the shelves and the microwave.  In the meantime you can look at some pictures which I shared in my post about kitchen design.

As always thanks so much for stopping by and happy designing.


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  • Reply Maria Brittis August 5, 2016 at 2:28 am

    Thanks so mcuh for visiting my blog and loving my past on white linens, I am returning the favor and love ing your post on the right kitchen layout, its the perfect way to find out what you really want for a kitchen, very smart!

    • Reply Sabrina August 6, 2016 at 4:40 pm

      You are so welcome Maria! Thank you, that is so sweet of you to say! I know it can be hard to pick the right layout, it took us fo’ever to find what we really liked. I read so many different articles until I finally figured out how to do it!
      P.S.: I really love your blog, I can’t wait to read more about your decor ideas. It is so inspiring to see how other bloggers decorate their homes!

  • Reply Brenda Sullivan August 5, 2016 at 2:48 am

    That looks just like my kitchen! 😉 Great Post! At the beginning of summer I re-did our kitchen – I will have to share with you those pictures.


    • Reply Sabrina August 6, 2016 at 4:36 pm

      Thank you Brenda for saying that. Yes please I love to see before and after pictures!

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