August 21, 2016

Sharing is Caring #4

Sharing is Caring

Hi lovely friends,

I can’t believe it’s Sunday again.  And more so I can’t believe that today marks the 4th edition of Sharing is Caring!  Wow time is flying by which still makes me super happy.  Even though I sometimes wish the day had more hours.  Not just to work on projects around the house which I have done a lot this past week but also to read more amazing blogs.  The best part about blogging is still meeting new people and that inspire me!  Each and every person I have met has been incredibly sweet and kind!  This has been such a great experience thanks to all the wonderful bloggers out there.  The three ladies I am talking about today are no exception!!

Favorite blogs of the week:

Michigan Anniversary: Thoughts on Moving by Restyle It Wright

In this post Collette explains her feelings about moving to a new state and what the first year has been.  I love how honest she especially about the dreams she had before she moved and how moving has changed her.  I myself moved and still struggle especially with creating new friendships.  So it was really refreshing to see someone else having the same issues and be courageous enough to write about them.

The Home Tour: 6 Months by North Country Nest

Kelly shares the progress she and her fiancé made in the first 6 months after they bought their fixer upper.  I love to see how much progress they made with their home.  Knowing from personal experience it sometimes feels like you can’t really see a difference.  Or like the home renovation will never end.  Looking back at the pictures and actually writing down what you have done helps you to see how much you have accomplished!

What I learned in July by Married to Restoration

One of the posts I really enjoyed this week was the post in which Shaina explains what she has learned in the previous.  I loved how honest she was about her feelings and how she puts things into perspective.  Often times we focus so much on what is going on in our lives and forget that our problems are so small compared to others.

My obsessions this week.

Well this week was again a little bit different.  Even though all these ladies are home decor or renovation bloggers they all shared some personal experience rather an a new projects.  Which was really refreshing.  Sometimes we focus so much on making progress that we forget to take a step back.  Life goes on even if you don’t finish a project and it is more important to enjoy life than to make things happen.  With that being said I will enjoy life now and spend the evening with my neighbor.

I hope you guys enjoyed your weekend and that you will have an amazing week!

Make sure to check out post I, II and III of the series!

As always thanks so much for stopping by.



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