August 28, 2016

Sharing is Caring #5

Sharing is Caring

Hi friends,

Can you guys believe that it is Sunday already?  Let alone it is the last Sunday in August, crazy right?  As crazy as it is I can’t wait to switch out our summer decor for fall.  I will be sharing some pictures on Instagram so make sure you follow me.  And now let’s dive in.

Favorite blogs of the week:

Liz Marie Blog

Have you met Liz Marie yet?  If not you are not missing out!  She and her blog are so beyond amazing.  On her blog she takes you on an amazing journey from decor over renovation projects.  She even gets a little bit personal and explains her struggles in life.  I read through so many posts this week and they were all so inspiring.

Bless’er House

I can’t tell you how much I love reading Sarah’s posts.  On her blog she shares everything from decor to budgeting tips.  My favorite so far has been her messy home tour.  Her house looks so beautiful and she is is so inspiring.  It can be imitating sometimes to see all the pretty pictures online.  So Sarah decided to share how her home looks like when she doesn’t style it for pictures.  It is awesome to know that we are all not perfect!

Making in the Mountains

Kristi’s blog is such an awesome place to find amazing farmhouse diy and decorating ideas.  Her home like her blog look amazing!  I keep coming back to her blog to find inspiration and amazing shopping tips.  Her DIYs are my favorite part because they are super easy to follow.

My obsession this week

Well I have been obsessed with fall decor to be honest.  But I got so side tracked by discovering all these new blogs.  Funnily enough I didn’t just discover them.  As it turns out I have been pinning their posts for months.  Isn’t that amazing?  So let me know what were your favorite posts or blogs?

Leave comments below.

As always thanks for stopping by!


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